I want the elections to be over. Elections are designed to make me fully understand how much I do not belong. Worse, I get the overpowering feeling that I will never belong!

It is always the same pattern with electoral campaigns. Candidates and parties start by telling us they really feel our pain, and want to fight for us. Then the issues that the election must address start to be pondered, identified, and, defined. For a short time in the electoral campaign you think these issues will be debated. However, soon after, it all comes down to having to watch how spineless candidates, grovel, trying to re-present and re-create themselves parading their ever-so-wholesome families to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that they are 300% American. Whatever the fuck “American” means…it is made very clear that it is not me, that it will never be me.

So…here is a list of reasons electoral processes tell me how Un-American I am (Sorry I could not contain this list to a mere 10):

1.      I am an atheist. Apparently it does not matter my commitment and desire to make this country a better place for all. Loyalty is a mandate to worship a disaffected, warmonger, punitive, sexually repressed and sexually obsessed god.

2.      I am a Leftist.

3.      I belief we should actively and robustly pursue social justice. I believe this country should ask, and be told by its citizens what to do for its citizens (Yeah, screw JFK).

4.      Same set of rules for all citizens, all citizens first-class citizens, regardless of buying power, age, sex, language, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disability, religious or non-religious background, political or lack of political affiliation or gender representation.

5.      I believe poor people matter, you must talk about the poor and your plan to end poverty during your campaign.

6.      I do not hate immigrants and believe there must be a path to citizenship that is just and fair to all.

7.      I believe in a big government that will actively and loyally protect me from: Greedy Health insurers, Corrupt Banks, discriminatory and oppressive lending practices, exploitative employers, polluters, gentrifying and unscrupulous, real estate scalpers and the police.

8.      I believe in free Universal Single Payer Health Care and free education including Graduate School.

9.      I value education and deplore anti-intellectual rhetoric.

10.  I have contempt for mediocrity.

11.  I believe in a small government that will be out of my personal life, will stop spying on me and will not regulate my every day activities. From forbidding dance outdoors, to closing parks at night, to having a beer on a sidewalk! From entrapping people to criminalizing sex work, from telling me who to date and who I can marry (and divorce!), to telling me whether I can adopt or not.

12.  I oppose the Death penalty and oppose torture of prisoners, including prisoners of war.

13.  I am not a warmonger and I believe it is OK to question and criticize a president’s decision to go to war.

14.  I believe citizens have a right to organize and participate in the political life of the country.

15.  I believe all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression, without facing harassment, discrimination or violence.

16.  I believe men should be able to marry men and women should be able to marry women, even if they never have to visit one another in a hospital!

17.  I greatly enjoy having non-marital, non-procreational sex in many different positions.

18.  I live and thrive in a big city.

19.  I do not feel more threatened by Muslims than by Christians.

20. I am a feminist

21. I am Latino

22. I am queer

23.  I donate and ask you to donate to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. :-)

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  1. Buk(ito) says:

    Spot on.

    Me parece genial, y a la vez terrible, que algunas de las cosas que señalas se supone que sean un dado, algo que no deberíamos estar reclamando a estas alturas. La #14, por ejemplo, está recogida en la Constitución casi ad verbatim. Siglos más tarde aun hay que insistir en eso… What went wrong?

    Añade uno sobre los imperativos de procrear y formar familias tradicionales (sean a partir de matrimonios entre personas del mismo sexo o no) y uno sobre la apatía al anti-intelectualismo y estamos gozando aun más.

    {n.b.–> Sé que hay uno sobre anti-intelectualismo. Quiero otro.}

    Por otro lado, mayhaps it’s not *worse* never to belong to that which irks you 😉


  2. The Rs were ready for Hillary in 2008. Every slanderous accusation that they accumulated for over 15 years would have been thrown at her and would still be reverberating courtesy of FNC. She might still have won, but assuming that she would now be in better shape than Obama is speculation. Would HillaryCare The Sequel fare any better than ObamaCare in the Fox driven cesspool that passes for political debate? And without the votes on Election Day, how would she be stronger?

  3. I dunno, it seems to be simple calculus to me. Democrats were always in favor of middle class tax cuts, so that aside what is the extra cost in a two year extension of millionaire tax cuts? 140 billion. For that they got 56 billion of unemployment extensions and reduction of payroll tax. All in all not a bad deal considering the alternative of doing nothing at all. Politically, the Republicans have a problem in forcing this issue.

  4. American citizens ought to be cheering him on. He’s shining a very bright light on all the awful, and disgraceful things our government has done and continues to do, all around the World!! Things, that may end up biting us regular folk in the ass, while others hide safely in their undisclosed locations, sitting atop piles of cash!! We scream and shout about how awesome we are….looks like our shine, is looking a little dull, right now! We behave like a kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jar, with that “what…what did i do?” look on our face. We all shout about wanting the truth, about what our “leaders,” are up to in our name….but when it’s laid out in front of us, we refuse read, see or believe it. Yes, there’s a country that’s a laughing stock around the World, and it’s not Sweden!!

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